We’re here to make their recovery easier

Dogswell® is here for you and your pet – whether you are preparing for a planned surgery or your pet is recovering from a wound – we have the tools to support them.

When & why do you need an E-Collar?

  • To prevent licking medications or stitches
  • End self-inflicting wounds
  • Help with treatment of hot spots
  • Break the itch-scratch cycle

Read more about why, when and how to use e-collars at our blog.

Choose between two E-Collar options


Safe & Effective

Soft, Padding Edges

Lightweight for Easy Wear


Inflatable Comfort Design

Calming Light Blue Color

Notches Create a Wiggle-Resistant Fix

How to measure & fit a Rigid E-Collar

Slide STEP 1: Measure Be sure to measure your dog
before purchasing to ensure a proper fit.

Using a soft measuring tape, measure
your pet’s neck - both the circumference
and the length to help you select the right size.
Slide STEP 2: Snap Together Line up the snaps to the properly positioned holes.
Firmly press down on the snaps to snap into place.
Slide STEP 3: Place on Dog Rotate collar to position the snaps at
the back of your pet’s head. You should be
able to fit two fingers between the edge
of the E-Collar and your pet’s coat.
Slide STEP 4: Secure with Gauze Using the larger holes at the base,
attach the E-Collar to your dogs collar with guaze
or string. Your pet’s nose should not extend past the
edge of the E-Collar.
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