So many functional treats….

Functional treats were born two decades ago (proud parents here!) from the realization that dog treats can do more than taste good. They can DO good, too, supporting dog’s health and wellness. Since then, the idea has taken off, with more and more pet parents giving their beloved dogs functional benefits through their treats every day. As demand soared, so did the category entrants. In fact, the functional pet treat market is growing annually at a rate of 9.2%, according to Allied Market Research. What does this mean for you? Lots and lots (and lots) of options. 

…so little time.

While we enjoy studying functional ingredients (it’s our job, after all), we know that not everyone shares our passion or has the time. As a pioneer in the functional treats industry, we want to make it easier for you to narrow down your choices and identify the functional treat that your dog will enjoy and benefit from the most. That’s why we created our Treat Finder Tool! It takes less than a minute to find a treat that matches your dog’s preferences, lifestyle, and health goal. 

 Use our Treat Finder

How do those three criteria effect which treat to buy your dog? Let’s dive in…

Your Dog’s Preferences

This one is pretty straightforward. What flavors do your dog like best? Look for treats with their favorite protein as the first ingredient. Do they prefer hard crunchy treats, chewy jerky, or soft treats? Do they need their treats broken into smaller pieces because of their small mouth? Some senior dogs prefer soft treats because they are easier to chew with sensitive mouths.

Your Dog’s Lifestyle

How active is your dog? The more exuberant the dog, the harder they are on their joints, making it more important to support them with functional treats that includes omega-3s, glucosamine, and chondroitin. Also factor in their size, as large breed dogs are more predisposed to hip and joint issues than small breeds. As they grow older, they experience a gradual deterioration of their overall immune function, so they may benefit from treats with immunity-supporting ingredients like antioxidants and vitamin E.

Your Dog’s Health Goal

More accurately, this is your health goal for your dog. What body system are you wanting to support the most? If you want you want to improve your dog’s dull coat or flakey skin, try skin and coat treats. If your veterinarian or groomer notices tooth decay, your dog may benefit from dental treats in addition to regular brushing. 

It’s a lot to consider! When shopping for functional treats, our advice is to narrow down your options in this order: 

  1. Function: Choose a health goal based on your dog’s age, size, overall health and lifestyle.

2. Format: Select a format or texture, such as meatballs, jerky, or soft strips.

3. Flavor: Chicken? Bacon? Beef? Pick their fave.

Dogswell offers functional treats that cover all the bases, with 6 different functions, 6 mouthwatering flavors, and 8 exciting formats. So when you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the functional treat options, remember that “All’s Well with Dogswell!”

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