Hi! I have a fabulous older Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix. Since I adopted him 11 years ago he has had severe food allergies which caused nonstop itching and loss of fur. My vets and I have tried everything under the sun and everything that worked was only temporary. Until I stumbled onto your dog food. We are going on 6 months now and the itching has subsided dramatically and his fur is coming back. No medicine or nothing new to his diet but your dog food!!! Charley wanted to say thank you, as well as a very relieved mom!!! Thank you again and I've been promoting your brand as if I owned stock. Keep up the good work!

– Rita C.


I just wanted to say how much my dog Sir Bentley LOVES the Happy Hips chicken breast jerky with glucosamine and chondroitin. It is the only treat he eats. He was diagnosed with arthritis a couple years ago and they have definitely helped with his joints. Thanks!

– Starlett C.


I wanted to just take a moment to tell you how much my family loves your product. Thank you so much for making a great product that enables our family to make great memories with our pets at our home.

– Laura E.


Wanted to say our dog loves the Dogswell Vitality Chicken and Oats and has made a huge difference in her coat! This will be the only food we buy for her and any other dog we will own.

– Jason B.


We found Happy Hips when our older Siberian was having trouble with his hips. After he passed away we added a new Siberian to our family (because you can’t have just one!). We named him Harmon because he was adopted on Harmon Killebrew’s birthday, and we are Minnesota Twins fans. Harmon is a difficult but extremely sweet boy, he has energy to spare and can take it out in very unproductive ways. But there is one thing he will sit still for and that is Happy Hips Bars.

– Cheryl L.


I am sending you a quick shout out to tell you that my toy poodle just loves the products you make. I always make sure to have some on hand for him. He turns his wet little nose up at other products but really loves yours. So for his sake, please keep up the fine work you do and know that Teddy the toy poodle will be a faithful customer for life!

– Lisa S.


We were searching for a food that our dog Gibbs would enjoy and is good for him. After trying several dog foods, we discovered Nutrisca. Gibbs absolutely loves it and we are very happy with the ingredients and the high amount of protein that he is receiving in every bowl. Gibbs favorite is Nutrisca Chicken and Chickpea he cleans his bowl every time. Thanks for a great product!!!!!

– Katina H.


I am so happy I found your brand. I have a 2 year old Elkhound/Chow Chow mix. From the time he was a 9 week old puppy he had problems with yeast ear infections. To no avail for over a year or more I was battling ear infections and costly vet bills. I researched this issue online and found a blog that recommended switching to a grain-free/potato free food that would eliminate the growth of yeast. I started with the brands that were sold at the pet store because I didn’t see a brand that was grain free & potato free at my local grocery. This improved his ears greatly. Then about 6 months ago I found your brand at my local Giant Eagle/Market District in the Pittsburgh area and gave it a try. My dog loves the food and his ears cleared up even more than before. I no longer have to fight him to clean the ears as they have cleared up so much they actually look normal. Thank you so much!!!

– Laura S.


My 7 year old Corgi mix Chase suffers from an arthritic hip and luxating patella. We were suggested your food at the Hungry Puppy in Farmingdale, NJ. I switched Chase to your food about 4-5 months ago and since then he has been much happier, even playing again at the dog park without pain. Thank you and as long as we have Chase, he will be a Happy Hips dog.

– Joanne G.


Thank you so much for the recommendation to try Nutrisca as we transition from another dog food. Both our Jack Russells are LOVING it! They pick out the old food and put it on the kitchen floor so they can get to the Nutrisca.

– Wanda P.


I enjoy giving Teddy Dogswell treats because the food is delicious, healthy and has the vitamins that he needs. Every time that I pull out the Duck Breast Jerky treats he comes running. It's hard to keep the bag away from him. He goes bonkers for them!

– Christina G.


A couple of months ago I adopted a puppy, Bailey, and for the first two months the food I was feeding was giving her some digestive trouble. I started researching and came across your Dogswell Vitality Chicken and Oats Recipe. I love how you can see all the ingredients used on the front of the bag and I absolutely love how my dog loves this food. Thanks for making me and my dog happy.

– Danielle


We are still using Nutrisca canned and dry food for Maggie, and our veterinarian recently complimented Maggie on her great progress in getting healthy since we started with Nutrisca. We are so pleased to see Maggie rush to her bowl when it is meal time...especially since we know that she loves it and it loves her.

– Jo Ann R.


I love your Dogswell Vitality dog treats. I started training my puppy, Cole, with them and he loves them.

– Kristine


Thank you so much for your wonderful line of treats. My dogs, and all of our neighboring dogs, absolutely love them. On behalf of our two dogs and six neighbor dogs – THANK YOU!

– Carol


Dogswell has a customer for life! It's nice to know that Dogswell really does care about its customers and more importantly the dogs! We will most certainly recommend Dogswell to our friends. Thanks again!

– Caitlyn and Frank

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