Dogswell Unleashes The Happy With Dogs On Take Your Dog To Work Day ™


At Dogswell, we believe healthier, happier dogs make for healthier, happier people.  At Dogswell® where our dogs come to work with us daily, we know dogs add a positive energy to the workplace while offering pet-parent employees a unique benefit.  Today, bringing your companion pet to work is still a rare perk despite a recent study that confirmed dogs in the workplace reduces stress and improves overall job satisfaction.  Unfortunately, workplace stress is rated by 60% of Americans as a "very or significant" source of stress according to the APA.  So we decided to do something about it.  In 2014, we surprised an office with a stress-relieving canine takeover by unleashing over 20 dogs and puppies in celebration of Take Your Dog to Work Day™.  What resulted was all but magical!  Take a look at the video capturing their reaction.